Customer Reviews

Crawfish, crawdad, crayfish

Thank you for making a fabulous product. I boil crawfish almost every weekend during crawfish season. I dislike cleaning them. With your product, I let the crawfish washer do its thing and clean by itself while I am doing the actual boil. I’ve already gotten 6 other people buy your product. Thanks again for making my life easier!

Judy S.

I’ve used the Crawfish Washer multiple times this season and I love it, it’s my go to piece of equipment when I boil. It’s easy to use and reduces a 20-25 minute cleaning process to about 5-6 mins. I’ve also used the Crawfish Washer for deer processing. I quarter up the deer and clean the meat in the washer. It floats dirt, hair, dried blood, etc… away with ease. I have and will continue to recommend this product to all of my friends, it’s great!

Bill W.

Hey Cowboy, it was nice meeting you at the Classic and being booth neighbors (Gandy Lure). Just wanted to let you know we used the Crawfish Washer today and it worked great! Thanks for a great product!

Eric G.

Gandy Lure

We talked at the LA Sportsman’s Show in Gonzales last week. I bought a crawfish washer for a company crawfish boil the next Monday. The thing did great! So many products never work as they are supposed to, but your Crawfish Washer did a super job cleaning two sacks of crawfish in no time. I even boiled another sack today to show the family how good it did. Thanks for a great product!

Mike T.

The most amazing crawfish cleaner known to man! If you don’t have one of these you’re eating…..mud!

Steve M.

We had the best crawfish boil ever last weekend – due in large part to the Crawfish Washer. We had 100 lbs. and did 5 batches. Every batch hotter that the last. Each batch I washed the crawdads about 10-15 minutes and the water was crystal clear, in years past I always did it in a cooler. Using the cooler was always a pain in the ass, crawfish down the driveway when that lid popped open. I didn’t lose one crawdad using the Crawfish Washer. Using the Crawfish Washer saved so much time and was very easy to use. A buddy of mine from Thibodaux LA said that they were perfect this year. Thank You Crawfish Washer!

Robert G.

Let me tell you about this Wild Game Washer. I had heard a few people talking about it and looked into it, but didn’t really see what the big deal was…until I tried it! HOLY COW ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! I have NEVER seen fish so clean and white in my life!!!! The days of rinsing fish filets over and over again are long gone! It holds more than it seems too! Cleaned and threw over 50 Crappie in there and it still had room for more! IT IS AMAZING! It’s so great not only did we get another one, but also the large Crawfish Washer! I CAN’T WAIT until Hunting Season to see if I can throw a whole deer in! No more picking out hair!!! THANKS COWBOY!!!

Rachelle M.

LOVE our crawfish washer! Easy to use and quickly cleans those mud bugs! This product is awesome!

Joelyn Z.

Met you at the fishing show, bought a Crawfish Washer. Used it yesterday, everyone was impressed with its action in cleaning a few bags of crawfish. Wife is a big shot manager at Pappadeux, and she has never seen them this clean!

I originally bought it for cleaning deer at the ranch – but I’ll use it for Crawfish in spring, Ducks in fall, and Deer in fall.


Neil A.

Worked like a champ, cleans mudbugs and no issues!

Jon G.

Seriously, the best item I’ve ever purchased!

Jett R.

It kicked a**, not one crawfish got out!

Lea B.

We washed 100 lbs and did 5 batches using the Crawfish Washer. Water was crystal clear after a few minutes of running it. The Crawfish Washer is perfect, makes it so easy!

Robert G.

Used the Crawfish Washer last night for 200lbs of crawfish. Worked like a frickin’ charm! Purged a sack in no time at all – crystal clear water in 4-5 minutes and gut tract was clean. Going to buy a second one today. Fantastic product!

Danny L.

I use Crawfish Washers in my restaurants. They work great!

Cajun Chef

Great product with several helpful uses. Worked flawlessly cleaning our crawfish! Highly recommend!

Jeff A.