“Fantastic product! Purged a sack in no time at all! Crystal clear water in 4-5 minutes. Gut tract was clean. Going to buy a second one today!”

“I boil crawfish almost every weekend during the season, but dislike cleaning them. Now, I let the Crawfish Washer clean by itself while I do the actual boil.”

“The most amazing crawfish cleaner known to man! If you don’t have one of these you’re eating…..mud!”

“We washed 100 lbs and did 5 batches – water was crystal clear after just a few minutes of running it. The Crawfish Washer is perfect, makes cleaning so easy!”

“I didn’t lose one crawdad using the Crawfish Washer. It saved so much time and was very easy to use. Thank You!”

“…so impressed with the cleaning action. We’ve never seen them this clean! I’ll use it for crawfish in the spring, fish in summer, and ducks/deer in the fall.”

Crawfish, crayfish, crawdads, freshwater  or mountain lobsters, mudbugs or yabbies…

Whatever you call ’em, Cowboy’s Wild Game Crawfish Washer can wash them clean.

The Crawfish Washer’s extra large pail can hold up to a full bag of crawfish and can wash them clean in just a few minutes. The Crawfish Washer includes a bottom drain plug, allowing mud and debris to be flushed out the bottom while grass and dirty water flow over the brim. This Washer is great for for crawfish, shellfish and other seafood, large catches of fish or large volume washing of upland game.

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Cowboy’s Wild Game Washer and Crawfish Washer are now available at all Buc-ee’s Travel Centers, several Academy Sports+Outdoors Stores and in retail stores across the Gulf states!

Check out the original Wild Game Washer for washing small game, birds, and fish and the new Jumbo Washer for deer & hog quarters, ducks, phesant and large amounts of game.